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Welcome to Algalif's Knowledge Center! We answer the most important questions on the minds of astaxanthin buyers.

Brochures & Infographics

This is Algalif

Learn all about Algalif and its product offerings.

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Finished Formulations

Learn more about Algalif’s bulk softgels and the Icelandic Harvest formulations.

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Our Production Process

Discover how Algalif manufactures its premium Icelandic astaxanthin.

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Heart Health Infographic

Find out what makes natural astaxanthin an optimal choice for heart health supplements.

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Healthy Aging Infographic

Are healthspans keeping up with lifespans? Learn how natural astaxanthin can support healthy aging.

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White Papers & Research Reviews

[NEW] The Evolution of Sports Nutrition and the Role of Astaxanthin

Find out more about astaxanthin’s clinically studied benefits for sports and active nutrition.

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Supporting Cardiovascular Health with Astaxanthin

Find out more about astaxanthin’s proven benefits for heart health.

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Staying Sharp: Astaxanthin Supplementation & Cognitive Health

Discover how astaxanthin helps support healthy cognitive function in later life.

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Addressing Age-Related Challenges Through Astaxanthin Supplementation

Learn how astaxanthin helps promote better health and well-being throughout life.

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Heavy Metals: Why Supplier Responsibility is Critical in Astaxanthin Production

Learn about the importance of heavy metal controls in microalgae cultivation and astaxanthin production.

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Oxidative Stress, Antioxidant Defenses & Astaxanthin

Learn how antioxidants support health and well-being and discover what makes astaxanthin a superior antioxidant.

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Natural Astaxanthin: A Comprehensive Review of Human Clinical Studies

Learn more about the mode of action and health benefits of natural astaxanthin.

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Talks & Webinars