Algalif Appoints Natural Products Industry Veteran Joe Huff as VP of Global Sales and Marketing

Joe Huff will lead Algalif’s sales and marketing efforts as it continues its steady growth, and increased production of astaxanthin and other algae-based products.

Algalif®, Icelandic producer of pure, high-grade, natural astaxanthin products from microalgae, has appointed seasoned industry leader, Joe Huff as its VP of Global Sales & Marketing. Huff will lead Algalif’s efforts as it continues its steady growth, and increased production of astaxanthin and other algae-based products.

“Joe’s impressive tenure and demonstrated leadership in supplying natural, nutritional ingredients to food, beverage and supplement companies worldwide makes him the ideal candidate to drive Algalif’s continued global expansion,” said Orri Björnsson, CEO of Algalif. “We are seeing significant demand for astaxanthin throughout Asia, and Joe’s category expertise and depth of experience in the region and Chinese language abilities brings tremendous value to our customers.”

Joe Huff has been instrumental in increasing market awareness of the broad health benefits of natural astaxanthin, and has driven significant market development efforts for the potent carotenoid. He has many years of management and executive experience in the food, beverage and dietary supplement industries, both sourcing and supplying raw materials. In addition to his sales and marketing expertise, Joe is highly knowledgeable regarding supply chain, research, development, quality assurance and regulatory issues.

“I recognize the significant lengths Algalif goes to in its commitment to the sustainable production and delivery of the highest quality astaxanthin products,” said Huff. “I welcome the opportunity to leverage my years of industry expertise to lead sales and market development efforts for its branded ingredients throughout Asia, Europe, North America, and around the globe.”

About Algalif

Algalif® is a leading supplier of high-grade natural astaxanthin from microalgae, produced at its state-of-the-art facility in Iceland. Manufactured to rigorous quality standards and supported by science, Astalif™ astaxanthin is built on a solid foundation of quality, purity and sustainability. Algalif utilizes proprietary growing and harvesting processes, and leverages renewable, sustainable resources from abundant Icelandic sources.