Icelandic Purity is Unmatched

Iceland provides the perfect starting point for our algae cultivation – an astoundingly pristine environment, free of contaminants and pollutants; access to abundant, pure water; and a continuous supply of renewable energy.

nq_algalif_web_1200x800_v3_16503A Pristine Environment

  • Famous for its icy glaciers, mighty waterfalls and fiery volcanoes, Iceland has one of the most pristine environments on Earth.
  • Icelanders are committed to preserve their environment. The country has been nominated several times as one of the most sustainable nations in the world.
  • The air in Iceland is amongst the cleanest in the world. The country has better air quality than nearly all OECD-countries.

algalif_iceland_1200x800_v2Pure Water in Abundance

  • Naturally filtered through layers of volcanic rock, Icelandic water is extremely clean, low in minerals and almost sterile from its source.
  • Iceland has fresh water in abundance, far more per capita than any other nation in the world.

nq_algalif_web_1200x800_v1_16503Leader in Renewable Energy

  • Due to its abundant hydro and geothermal resources, Iceland is a global leader in renewable energy. The country generates 100% of its electricity from clean energy, using only 35% of its estimated potential.
  • The Algalif facility is 100% powered by geothermal energy.